Cyber Crime, Identity Theft and Fraud – How Can We Protect Ourselves

Being presented by Fiona Long, Head of Cybercrime at Veda

Date and Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm, Tuesday, 9 February 2016, venue Greenwood Hotel, North Sydney

Fiona Long, is the former Head of Cybercrime at Veda (Australia’s Largest credit bureau), has over 15 years’ experience in online security.
Fiona has a passion for helping protect people and organisations from cybercrime. Fiona has experience in implementing and managing complex multifactor authentication and multi layered security solutions for enterprises and more recently identity protection services for individuals.
Fiona has developed many security frameworks and solutions aligning both business and security needs and holds a Masters in Business Administration.
Fiona believes it is important to be able to translate complex security needs to the average person and helps demystify security technology. She has a knack for bringing a breath of fresh air to security and has many years experience balancing security and business needs.

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