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Visitor Information

The CBD Evolve members are passionate about looking after visitors to our group.

Why are we so passionate?

Because not only do visitors give extra spark and energy to our Tuesday mornings, they also make us a more effective referral group. You may not know this, but visitors to our chapter receive referrals and provide referrals. The end result is that everyone wins; both visitors and members.

Visitors are so important to us, that we are one of the few referral groups that has a developed a “Visitor Contact – Code of Conduct”. Our CBD Evolve members have agreed to the following:


As a CBD Evolve Member I agree to the following Visitor Contact Code of Conduct:

  1. I will respond to any visitor request to contact them within 48 hours
  2. I will not contact a visitor by telephone unless they have specifically requested the contact
  3. I will not include the contact details of any visitor on a database and/or mailing list unless the visitor has requested same
  4. I will only send a LinkedIn Invitation Request to a visitor if I truly believe that I can be of benefit to the individual and/or their business. If the visitor ignores or rejects the invitation I will not respond or follow up
  5. If I wholeheartedly believe that my services/products would be of benefit to a visitor’s business, but the visitor has not provided explicit approval to contact them, I can send an email explaining why I feel the visitor should meet with me but on the understanding that it is up to the visitor to determine whether there is benefit to connect. I will not follow up the email unless the visitor has provided explicit approval to connect

Come and see why CBD Evolve is one of the fastest growing and successful referral groups in Sydney.

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